Case Management Specialists, Inc. Data Analysis Utilizing
Design180® by NavigatorMD
 “You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure”

AnalyticsDemand for data-driven analytics and plan-modeling software has risen due to the increased need to control escalating healthcare costs among mid-sized, self-funded employers. The first step towards lowering health plan costs is to understand what is driving these costs and the associated conditions. You can only manage what you can measure only control costs where you can impact change. Therefore Case Management Specialists, Inc. has partnered together with NavigatorMD’s healthcare data analytics to track the conditions of your population, measure how effective your population is in staying medically compliant to the Standards of Care for particular conditions  and develop strategies to influence better compliance and overall behavior towards total health.

To measure, manage and take action to drive down health claims costs, organizations need a tool that provides health plan management, claims analytics, and easy-to-use dashboard and reporting capabilities. Design180®, by NavigatorMD, is that and more.  Design180®’s ability to assimilate claims, pharmacy, eligibility, wellness and clinical data into one database allows Case Management Specialists healthcare consultants to optimize their efficiency at providing the most cost effective quality care options for your employees engaged in an episode of care.  CMS is also able to swiftly identify “high risk” cohorts of individuals that are driving your healthcare costs and develop customized programs targeted at mitigating future claims expenditures and improving the wellness of your employee population. In other words, we are shifting from the mindset of what it will cost after the fact, to what we can invest beforehand in order to reach a desired outcome.

This data was often only an option for substantially large companies willing to spend hefty amounts of money on analytics programs.  Not any longer……….


BIG DATA for small employers now exists!