Physical therapist male assist active senior woman exercise at gOur therapists will assess the physical, occupational and speech therapy needs of each patient with quality and cost of care in mind.

Our Therapist Case Managers:

  • Evaluate therapy plans of care to ensure treatment is medically appropriate and recommended for the injury sustained.
  • Work closely with the treating therapists to ensure that realistic goals are set and progress is measurable.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans and coordinate lengthy rehabilitation programs for medical necessity.
  • Communicate with patients to encourage compliance with home exercise programs and treatment protocols.
  • Identify and suggest alternative resources for funding that may be available through the school system or the community in lieu of therapy reimbursed by the insurance carrier.
  • Assess cases to determine if the cause of injury or illness may be work related, or resulting from an accident which may provide additional insurance coverage.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of requested durable medical equipment.